66 days ain't enough
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About: I can't lie.

It’s amazing how the sun shares its light to the moon. The king, sharing its splendor and glory to a mere servant. The sun is a forest fire and the moon is but a tiny spark..a candle shining in the dark abyss up above. You are the sun and I am the moon. I live behind your shadows, admiring you from afar. Everything revolves around you, I am the one struggling to keep up. The world wakes up in your presence, while everyone is in deep slumber during my awakening. But when darkness comes and the world’s hushed, I come out shedding the light I borrowed from you. You govern the heavens above with your shining crown, while I, barely shine even with my stars around.¬†

I am nothing.

Notice me. 

I want to do so many things yet most of the time, I end up with nothing


All set. Wuhu I hope the trip goes well!!

All set. Wuhu I hope the trip goes well!!

Don’t you think it’s time to stop reading others’ success stories and start making your own?

visa please be approved pls pls pls

It’s hard to show everyone that I don’t care when inside I’m consumed by a truckload of insecurities¬†

It’s May 14, and it’s been more than 50 days since I’ve gotten home. I’m somewhat anxious for school to begin. But if possible, I’d like to stay here forever. It’s been fun really, being in control of my time without anything holding me back (except for that constant feeling of guilty whenever I catch myself slacking off), sleeping without worrying about anything, waking up anytime I want. Oh, how I wish summer could go on forever. However, right now, I just feel like panicking. I just realized that I should be getting ready for all the CET’s that I will be taking, and of course, my final year in Pisay (whew). I always feel this pang of guilt when I see my batchmates on twitter fussing over review or academic-related summer activities while I’m lying down on the couch scrolling through the various social networking sites on my browser. I remember telling myself that I’d be productive over the summer, that I’d try to at least learn new things…but now, I’m just so flustered with the short amount of time left and the unchecked boxes in my ‘to-do’ list. Time can be such a twat sometimes, though right now, I don’t know who the real douche is…maybe time’s not screwing me; it’s the other way around.

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